Wednesday, April 1, 2009

AKD and Sociology Club Meeting

Yodles everyone!

There will be a meeting on Thursday April 2 to discuss AKD activities and potential summer research opportunities at 2PM in our Capstone classroom. If you're interested, Dr. Arthur will be there to mediate and we were going to throw around some ideas about what we could do with the club. We don't want it to just sit there unused. Besides, being involved and actually producing something, like a paper, will make you feel good, make the community feel good, and will look good on your resume, too! (I know, it's cheesy)

Some things we were thinking about:

- Start a statewide/nationwide (depending on how computer literate we are) petition to the Japanese government urging them to aplogize and/or compensate the 50-80,000 Japanese comfort women who were raped, beaten, and killed during Japan's invasion of China.

- A summer research paper that we could possibly present at Pacific Sociology Association meeting with our cell phone paper next spring! We need something managable and possibly local.

- We want ideas! If all you can do is respond to this post and chime in some ideas, that would be extremely helpful as well because ANY help is always appreciated.

Thanks everyone,
Have a good Thursday!

Tanabata and Sociologigi

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  1. 2pm meeting minutes:

    We discussed the possibility of a petition...

    We also discussed the idea of a do-able research paper for the summer. Dr. Arthur brought up that we may be able to use data gathered from the LEAP Alternatives to Violence Program here in Fairbanks and do some evaluative research or something like that. We're not sure yet if we're actually able to do this yet... but sounds good! The LEAP program "is an agency that provides a state-approved batterer's intervention program for men, groups for women who use violence, an alternatives to violence program for adolescents, and an anger management program. In addition we provide resources and training opportunities for agencies interested in learning how to work with batterers, or in developing their own state-approved program."

    We also discussed a paper topic that Sociologigi came up with a few weeks ago about a comparative analysis of six states and their legislation/amendments/initiatives towards same-sex marriage. We're not so sure where to go with that but it's something we were all interested in at the meeting today. Also, Dr. Arthur said it was a do-able topic.

    Any other suggestions are welcome and will be greatly appreciated!

    An invite to another meeting will be sent out by Dr. Arthur in the near future.

    Tata for now.


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