Thursday, January 29, 2009


My fellow Unruly Sociologists, this is our very own space. Here we can explore contemporary applications of sociology, analyze current events using sociological paradigms, and otherwise engage each other in insightful, sociologically discussion. Sigh. Life seldom is better than this, eh?

Blog Discussion Starter—5 points
This assignment is to help us discuss the contemporary role sociology can play in society. On the date you are assigned, create and post an interesting question or comment on the SOC blog that will spark vigorous sociological discussion among class members. You are especially encouraged to use a news item or an emerging issue and to reference appropriate sociological literature to stimulate discussion. Make sure you cite your sources! Questions or comments you might make include: suggesting an appropriate methodology to further study the issue; soliciting others’ ideas about a study project that would shed sociological light on the topic; suggesting a link between this issue and one you studied in a sociology course; analyzing how the perspective taken in the news item is different from or similar to a sociological perspective. Your comment or question should be sociologically useful, and you should avoid injecting your own personal opinion about the topic, e.g. whether you think something is right or wrong. You may certainly argue that you believe one particular sociological theorist might have more accurate analysis of the issue, or that one of the sociological paradigms would analyze it one way, in contrast to another paradigm. But simply telling us whether you agree or disagree is boring and will cost you points. Also, avoid asking others if they agree or disagree. Your grade will be determined by the degree to which you can spark interesting sociological discussion among your peers, and whether your own contribution is sociologically valid.

Participation in SOC Blog
At least ten times over the semester, post a comment on the SOC blog in response to the question or comment of the week. You may post as many times as you wish, but you will earn points only for ten comments. Avoid one-liners, and keep your comments respectful. Sociological wit is encouraged; snark is discouraged. You may use a screen name, but understand that your classmates will know who you are. You are encouraged to look up sociological sources to bolster your comments, and be sure to cite your sources. Be sociological. You will not earn points for non-sociological comments, nor will you earn points by saying whether you disagree or agree, or whether you think something is stupid, dumb, wrong, right, good, etc. To repeat: BE SOCIOLOGICAL. You may earn only 2 points per week. In other words, spread out your comments because you cannot post all ten of your comments at one time and receive more than two points for your work.